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Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear, Flame Retardant Underwear, Antibacterial Sock, Towel and Bathrobe
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Company Brief: Harvest SPF Textile Company Ltd., a single proprietorship  established by China Harvest International Industry Limited which is registered in Hong Kong, specializes in manufacturing healthy functional textiles, including our moisture wicking thermal underwear, healthy thermal underwear, protective underwear, support warmer, antibacterial sock, towel, bathrobe and more. Our quality products have a variety of uses and are popular with international consumers. Both young and old, the outdoors man and the pampered, enjoy the daily use of our products.
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Anti Fatigue Thermal Underwear  
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EnerUp® anti fatigue thermal underwear is weaved using Ge yarn. At temperatures above 32℃, Ge emits anions which can promote the flow of erythrocyte in human blood and can regulate bioelectric current for human beings. Disordered bioelectric current may obstruct blood and lymphatic circulation, thus causing backache, arthralgia and dizzy, etc. Through emitting anions, Ge can help promote blood circulation, improve the metabolic process of blood lactate, and increase the oxygen content, thus boost metabolism.
Due to functions of Ge, EnerUp® anti fatigue thermal underwear, which contains Ge, is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and people who have neck pain, lower back pain and joint pain, etc. The thermal underwear has functions of anti-fatigue, moisture wicking, warm keeping, and it can also relieve muscle pain and make you quickly regain your strength.
The material of anti fatigue thermal underwear varies with different specifications.
1. 50% Ge polyester 50% Ge nylon
Fabric weight: 250GSM
2. 40% Ge Viscose, 50% Super fine acrylic, 7% Polyester and 3%Spandex
Fabric weight
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