Healthy Functional Textile Products Manufacturer in China
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Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear, Flame Retardant Underwear, Antibacterial Sock, Towel and Bathrobe
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Company Brief: Harvest SPF Textile Company Ltd., a single proprietorship  established by China Harvest International Industry Limited which is registered in Hong Kong, specializes in manufacturing healthy functional textiles, including our moisture wicking thermal underwear, healthy thermal underwear, protective underwear, support warmer, antibacterial sock, towel, bathrobe and more. Our quality products have a variety of uses and are popular with international consumers. Both young and old, the outdoors man and the pampered, enjoy the daily use of our products.
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Towel and Bathrobe
1. Our towels and bathrobes use new and environmentally friendly bamboo fiber or the blending fiber of bamboo with cotton.
2. They shine like silk and are very soft and comfortable to use.
3. Our towels and bathrobes feature timely moisture ab
Towel and Bathrobe
Harvest is a major manufacturer of towels and bathrobes, based in China.  We offer various types of products such as towels and bathrobes, fibers, thermal underwear and so on.  Our products are high quality and competitively priced.  We can supply the full chain of manufacturing healthy thermal underwear, protective underwear, etc. right here in China.  Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost.  More details on each of our products are shown on the description page.
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