Healthy Functional Textile Products Manufacturer in China
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Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear, Flame Retardant Underwear, Antibacterial Sock, Towel and Bathrobe
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Harvest SPF Textile Company Ltd., a single proprietorship established by China Harvest International Industry Limited which is registered in Hong Kong, specializes in manufacturing healthy functional textiles used in our comfortable thermal underwear, protective underwear, support warmer, antibacterial sock and more.
Our products find a wide range of daily uses for an array of consumers. Natural comfortable underwear, wicking thermal underwear, flame retardant underwear, anti-fatigue underwear, antibacterial towel, bathrobe and socks are crated with health conscience components. Some of our standard health include far infrared, negative oxide ion, antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation elements.

The innovative products manufactured by Harvest have earned our company the business and trust of clients in America, Russia, Finland, Germany, Chile, and more.
Collaboration with top quality suppliers and healthcare leaders has enabled Harvest to continue to grow and succeed in the production of environmentally friendly textile products.
We at Harvest believe that innovations in technology, meticulous quality control, and excellent customer service have resulted in our industry leading role.

For assistance with any questions, information, products, or services please contact us by phone or the email provided on our website. The staff at Harvest looks forward to working with you.
Note: Mr. Xudong, Harvest's general manager, has received numerous honors and distinctions:
Director of New Fiber Application Department of Chinese Knitting Industry Association
Deputy Secretary General of Industry Standardization Committee of China Health Care Association
Head of Industrial Competent Department in Technical expansion, technical exchange, integration of industrial chain, and drafter of the industrial standardization. Collaborator in the formulation of "Healthy Functions of the Textile" CAS115 used in the health care industry.
 Main Products
Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear
EnerUp® thermal underwear uses various natural or artificial fibers that are antibacterial, warm-keeping and moisture wicking, so as to ensure comfortable and warm wearing under any weather conditions.
Even after exercise the thermal underwear can absor
Healthy Thermal Underwear
You are wrong if you think thermal underwear only keeps you warm. Our healthy thermal underwear can also make you healthier.
EnerUp® healthy thermal underwear is made using new type fibers like bamboo charcoal fiber, EnerUp® far infrared fiber, and EnerUp® anion fiber, etc., and is
Protective Underwear
ENERUP® protective underwear is ideal for you whether you are a fireman, security guard, policeman, special soldier or just a worker in working conditions with easy access to static electricity and electromagnetic radiation. This kind of underwear has flame retardant, anti static and a
Harvest is a China-based support manufacturer and supplier.  We offer support, fibers, towels and bathrobes and so on.  Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices.  We can supply the full chain of manufacturing thermal underwear, moisture wicking, health
Our wicking thermal sock uses the knitting method of blending natural thermal fiber such as wool, merino wool, angora wool, manmade fiber thermolite®, coolmax®, acrylic, bamboo, bamboo charcoal with elastic fiber, ensuring the features of thermal, moisture
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