Healthy Functional Textile Products Manufacturer in China
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Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear, Flame Retardant Underwear, Antibacterial Sock, Towel and Bathrobe
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Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 1801, Building 6, SOHO New Town, No.88 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, 100022 Beijing, China
Tel: +86-10-85803350
Mobile: +86-13911320034
Fax: +86-10-85805250
Skype: sofia5188
Contact Person: Sofia Liang
We are a Healthy Functional Textile Products Manufacturer in China
Harvest SPF Textile Company Ltd., a single proprietorship  established by China Harvest International Industry Limited which is registered in Hong Kong, specializes in manufacturing healthy functional textiles, including our moisture wicking thermal underwear, healthy thermal underwear, protective underwear, support warmer, antibacterial sock, towel, bathrobe and more. Our quality products have a variety of uses and are popular with international consumers. Both young and old, the outdoors man and the pampered, enjoy the daily use of our products.
Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear
EnerUp® thermal underwear uses various natural or artificial fibers that are antibacterial, warm-keeping and moisture wicking, so as to ensure comfortable and warm wearing under any weather conditions.
Even after exercise the therm
Healthy Thermal Underwear
You are wrong if you think thermal underwear only keeps you warm. Our healthy thermal underwear can also make you healthier.
EnerUp® healthy thermal underwear is made using new type fibers like bamboo charcoal fiber, EnerUp® far infrared fiber, and EnerUp® ani
Protective Underwear
ENERUP® protective underwear is ideal for you whether you are a fireman, security guard, policeman, special soldier or just a worker in working conditions with easy access to static electricity and electromagnetic radiation. This kind of underwear has flame retard
Harvest is a China-based support manufacturer and supplier.  We offer support, fibers, towels and bathrobes and so on.  Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices.  We can supply the full chain of manufacturing thermal underwear, mo
Our wicking thermal sock uses the knitting method of blending natural thermal fiber such as wool, merino wool, angora wool, manmade fiber thermolite®, coolmax®, acrylic, bamboo, bamboo charcoal with elastic fiber, ensuring the features
Towel and Bathrobe
Harvest is a major manufacturer of towels and bathrobes, based in China.  We offer various types of products such as towels and bathrobes, fibers, thermal underwear and so on.  Our products are high quality and competitively priced.  We can supply t
Copper Series
We have just developed and patented copper fiber which can give significant care to our skin and body. Our copper collection includes all kinds of compression sleeve and clothing, home textile and comfortable underwear. Our unique technology allows high content of
We at Harvest are committed to producing top quality products. Our research and development team of experts interject advanced technology into the creation of our products. In collaboration with the Chinese Knitting Industry Association and The Chinese Standardization Work Committee of Healthcare Association, Harvest senior engineers have introduced innovative products such as heat generation underwear, moisture wicking thermal underwear, flame retardant underwear, anti-fatigue products, antibacterial and deodorizing sock etc. Our engineers create technical manuals to thoroughly train our staff specifically in the techniques to manufacture of our company’s pioneering products. Ground-breaking weaving methods and new dyeing and finishing technology have secured our place as an industry leader.
Fiscally sound practice enable Harvest to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. The application of an advanced management system, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment, ensures our efficiency, while onsite manufacturing and in-house R&D reduce production costs significantly.

Our company is dedicated to innovations in fashionable, comfortable, and healthy wearable products. We can supply products in a variety of raw material proportions and textures, and we can create designs according to the customers’ needs. We also back our products with full customer service and a one year guarantee on our products. This has made them popular with clients in America, Russia , Finland, Germany, Chile, and other countries around the world.
For assistance with any questions, information, products, or services please contact us by phone or the email provided on our website. The staff at Harvest looks forward to working with you.
Copper Sleeve Compression Fit
We produce the whole collection of copper sleeve, including sleeve for ankle, cal
Copper Compression Underwear
The copper compression underwear help relieve pain from muscle stiffness and sore
Copper Compression Socks
The copper socks can help relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness, improv
copper compression gloves
The compression gloves provide comfortable support that helps relieve joint and m
Copper Homewear
Our copper homewear, including pajama and other leisure wear, is made with a copp
Copper towel
Features and Benefits
1. Anti-odor need to wash as of
Copper Bed Set
Features and Benefits
1.Super soft and luxurious
Copper Ladies Shaped Pants
The copper infused shaped pants provide softness and comfort of wearing, and give
Copper Men's Boxer Shorts
The copper infused compression pants provide softness and comfort of wearing, and
Copper Eye Mask
The copper infused eye mask is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrin
Copper Insole
Features and Benefits
1.Copper infused fabric top layer
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